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The 2008 Inc. 500 list was officially released today and we are proud to announce that Pepperjam ranks as one of the top 100 fastest growing privately-held companies in the United States of America!

Pepperjam’s 2008 Inc. 500 ranking is #70 with three-year revenue growth of 2,447.5%.

An interesting note is that this is Pepperjam’s third consecutive year on Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing companies. Also noteworthy is that since these rankings only include revenue growth through 2007, the ranking does not include revenue from Pepperjam Network, which was launched in January 2008 and has been by far our most significant source of revenue growth to date!

If you take a closer look at the 2008 Inc. 500 rankings you’ll see that Pepperjam is….

- one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the United States
- the #2 fastest growing company within the State of Pennsylvania
- the #1 fastest growing affiliate marketing network
- the #1 fastest growing full-service internet marketing agency
- the #1 fastest growing interactive marketing agency
- the #1 fastest growing search-engine marketing firm
- the #1 fastest growing “advertising / marketing” company within the State of Pennsylvania (#5 in the United States)

Here is what Inc. Magazine had to say about Pepperjam’s ranking:
What it does: Internet marketing agency that provides search-engine marketing and online-media-buying services.

Why it’s growing: As companies shift marketing attention and dollars to the Internet, search-engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and online media buying become increasingly important.

What’s noteworthy: Kristopher Jones, Pepperjam’s very public CEO, attends 15 industry conferences each year and recently published a book, “Search Engine Optimization: Your Visual Blueprint for Effective Internet Marketing.”

Commentary from Pepperjam’s CEO:

It’s a funny thing about life. Sometimes you end up with a great idea, hire a bunch of smart people and get out of their way, and persist while others say you shouldn’t or can’t.

Pepperjam has been an incredible journey and I sincerely believe we have only gotten started.

The launch of Pepperjam Network makes us a very diversified company (marketing services / technology) with a ton of experience and fire power to assist businesses take full advantage of each of the major channels of online marketing.

In addition, we believe that our innovation and impressive client list allows our valued affiliates to make more money.

It is always nice to be recognized for standing out and contributing to the overall growth of an industry.

The truth is that Pepperjam would have never made the Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing companies today in 2008 or three years ago in 2006 when we were first honored without the tireless hardwork and dedication of the Pepperjam Team.

The Pepperjam Team, from Katharine Dempsey over in online media buying to Matt Bradley and Krista Golanoski over in Publisher Services to the other 100+ Pepperjam executives and team members, represents the best this industry has to offer.

I am extremely proud of my company as a whole and even more proud of the individual accomplishments of each of our valued employees. :)

Finally, all of our growth wouldn’t have been possible without the continued support from our more than 500 clients.

Whether it was eBay shocking the world just a few months back after launching an affiliate program on Pepperjam Network to long-time Pepperjam clients such as Guthy Renker Corporation (thanks Dave!) and 1-800-PetMeds (thanks Alex!) that have been with Pepperjam for nearly 5 years, the committment and support we continue to receive from our client base is outstanding!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.
Kris Jones
President & CEO,
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  1. 80's Action figures Says:

    I just got that issue and I missed the pepperjam writeup. I’ll have to go look for it now. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. bantingboy Says:

    i heard about this one. But anyone already get paid from pepperjam?

  3. Chris Hutcherson Says:

    I believe PepperJam has been live since the first of 2008. It would be interesting to hear from anyone with personal experience using them.

  4. Sublustrum Says:

    A also heard about this. Thanks!

  5. money blog Says:

    yes I heard about this once. thanks

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