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AlterGold Interview Done By Iearn-Money [Exclusive]

Posted June 20th, 2008 by iearn-money Admin 1 Comment »

This Is Oussama, The Owner Of Iearn-Money Network, We’ve Just Done An Interview With AlterGold Inc, And We Would Like To Publish It To Get To Know More About Altergold And Their New Features Which Will Come Up Soon On Their Website.

- Tell Me About Yourselves, And why You Started A Payment Processor?

My name is Rufi and I am project manager of AlterGold. Reason for building AlterGold is to provide better solutions to people doing online transactions. AlterGold is not only a payment processor but we are also a Money exchanger and also provide VISA pre-paid credit/debit ATM cards. People enjoy all of these services in 1 place with different unique features we offer. [More Details Could Be Found Here]