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Adsense Black List Increase your adsense revenue

Posted June 29th, 2008 by iearn-money Admin 22 Comments »

I think you have heard/seen somewhere over the net while you are looking for tips to increase your Google adsense revenue something called MFA [Made For Adsense] websites made by some adwords advertisers who advertise their websites only for Adsense and try to make money normally called as arbitrage.

You can name those websites as bad websites because they are low paying advertisers ($0.01-$0.05) while you can get more from other advertisers.

I’m sure now you want to block those websites from your ads, well there is an option in your Adsense account which is called as the “Competitive Ad Filter”

Adsense Section Targeting helps to increase adsense revenue

Posted June 26th, 2008 by iearn-money Admin 13 Comments »

So you will ask me what is Adsense Section targeting ?

The answear is that this feature allows you to take a small area on your website in order to point relevancy to your adsense ads.

If you have huge amount of content based on different niche, and you want to show the ads which are relevan only to one section I’m sure that you have to try Section targeting.