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Your Occupation Is To Teach.

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Ann Sieg. Michael Stelzner. Seth Godin.
All three of these radical marketers have pioneered and proven a new concept in marketing: the idea that teaching sells.
Guys and gals, more than ever, want information. They have deep needs and difficult problems. The internet has taught them to go looking for knowledge to solve their dilemma before they ever go looking for a product. Even if the product is what they require, they’ll want something reliable and credible to tell them so first. They want that knowledge for free, because the internet has taught them that information should be free.
So what’s an entrepreneur to do? Become an expert and share that expertise for free, while trusting that your product or key is the one your customers really and truly require to avoid the pain of their problem for much longer.
You can do this in a number of ways.
* You can record a video.
* You can offer an e-book or whitepaper.
* You can offer a seminar or teleseminar.
* You can offer subscription to an e-mail newsletter and offer the knowledge there.
Often, when we use these methods, we use them in return for leads. The prospect signs up for the e-mail list and gets the white paper. The prospect gives their knowledge for the recurring billing membership site’s 30 day free trial and gets the free e-book. You’re selling, as Ann Sieg sold, juice, and your information teaches the audience just how badly they require the juice (Ms. Sieg made a fortune this way).
It doesn’t matter what kind of Home Based Business you’re in. As of today you are now an educator. Here are some examples of different ways you can make this work for you, depending upon the work from home opportunity that you are pursuing:
* You’re a direct sales represenatative —> Try offering a white paper that details the kinds of problems your product solves and offers some helpful (but incomplete) tips for solving those problems.
* You’re into MLM and you’re trying to build your downline –> Try presenting an e-book on using social media to increase MLM income.
* You’re a freelance web designer —> Try presenting a white paper that details exactly what steps a small business owner should take to create a truly professional website. Most people won’t want to try it themselves by the time they’re done reading this, but they’ll appreciate you showing them how if they wanted to.
* You run a virtual assistant business –> Try putting a cost comparison calculator on your website that details how much a company can save by outsourcing admin functions rather than hiring an employee to do it.
* You are an affiliate marketer –> Putting together an authority site or blog which serves the niche that your products serve.
* You’re a blogger or e-zine writer. –> In this case, keep doing what you’re doing. People are getting your free information, and the traffic itself is the product that you’re selling to the advertisers.
There are so many home business ideas out there, but every one of them can be served by you understanding your role to be “trainer” rather than “sales representative.” lecturer is also a better place to be, mentally. Salespeople push, teachers serve. Salespeople bother people, but teachers attract students.
This form of marketing is called Attraction Marketing and it’s never been so powerful, thanks to the Internet. By drawing the people who want and need to hear what you’ve got to say, you create a situation where they’ll trust you, like you, and want to deal with you…
All without a single sales pitch.
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Big Ticket To Wealth

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The hardest part about making money online is finding the right source of information, the right program and the right mentor. A very young but also very experienced and well-known net-entrepreneur is going to make history. He has taken twenty five students under his wings and is going to teach them how to make money online. I am not taking about making pennies, I am talking about thousands of dollars daily.
He has created a system that can teach anyone with a little ambition how to follow his step-by-step system for creating wealth online. The system is the missing puzzle that explains why so many are failing online. He has demands that requires each and every member to constantly push through the limits and do what is expected for the success of this project. He will be watching over your shoulder and if your not performing, he will kick you in the butt, if you slack off at any time. For those who thinks that they will be getting a free ride, you will be asked to do certain tasks daily, should you not respond within 72 hours, then you will be kicked from the program.
To accomplish such a task you will need a great program whereby each and every member can follow along and learn how to build a online business that will enable you to quit your JOB. After being online for many years, this entrepreneur has a knack for spotting winning programs. He has decided that the best program to accomplish such a task has to have the potential to make huge amounts of money that would enable each of the twenty five students to have their big ticket to wealth.
This system is available for all, but you won’t be able to be part of the twenty five members. You can follow along and create your own big ticket to wealth, you will have the training from a company that knows how to build a business online and the potential to make network marketing look like child’s play. This will create a new revolution online, and many millionaires will be created. This system is much more powerful than network marketing, and I mean ten times more powerful, this is not hype.
If you feel that you have what it takes, and would really like to make a nice living from the web, that would make you to finally quit your job, then we want you to be part of this fabulous program. This is a top money making online business solution, it is not for the weak, or those who wants to sit around and complain nor do nothing, it is your big ticket to wealth.
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Some Useful Ideas Home Business Online Marketing

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There are so many home business online marketing tools available today, that many experienced online marketers are not sure where to go and anyone new is often totally confused and in the end quit. This article is for anyone who is yet not sure which way to go , and or have no idea where to begin .
First you must know is that anybody can be really successful with marketing online in spite of what strategy you select to use, but you must understand that you must become really good at one of them, and fairly well at another one, and knowledgeable in four or five. But there is normally the problem most people become knowledgeable in five, six or seven while never becoming good in any and great in none.

Making More Money From Home

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The internet is a gold mine for all sorts of businesses. There are a lot of new companies who have job offers with stay at home option that means that you can stay at home and work and get paid loads of money. This is enticing for a lof of people because it gives one the sort of flexibility that is the dream of almost everyone. For new gradautes it is a comforting thought to work from home because usually a new graduate is not yet that keen in going mainstream and battling the corporate world.

Video To Increase Trust

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Everyday consumers commonly think of online businesses as high technology enterprises. While there are indeed some websites that deal in high tech merchandise, most vendor websites trade mostly mundane materials like clothes, beddings and linen and other ordinary stuff we use in our daily lives. With common enterprises like these, the website is only another selling point for their inventory. What will be mostly displayed in these websites are pictures and short text descriptions of products. On the other hand, vendors that deal with high tech materials design their websites in such a way that it reflects the level of technology they work with.
In the eyes of a common consumer, websites that do not exhibit high technology design are probably failing or disreputable. When browsing consumers find your website somewhat lacking in style and technology, looking for another website that will satisfy their expectations is highly probable.
While it would be considered crass and distasteful to make your website look like the command center of the starship Enterprise, a few smatterings of high tech applications can give your website design reputation a good boost. In the beginning days of the internet, people tried to make their websites attractive by using lots of blinking and animated pictures in their websites. As website design matured, a more professional and modern feel gradually took over the blinking internet kaleidoscope world.
Today, website design is usually patterned or themed after the owner’s profession or business. Simple but tasteful and professionally elegant are now the norm in designing websites. However, this norm, like technology, is fast becoming obsolete.
As internet availability, data transmission speeds and bandwidths increase, the more options people have for designing a web site. In the beginnings of video streaming, video vendor sites were those that usually contained audio-video streaming capabilities. They used video clips or trailers of a movie to entice a customer to buy the whole video. Today, almost all vendors of video and audio have portions in their websites reserved for viewing movie trailers and listening to audio teasers.
Of course, it would be a mistake to discount or limit the use of video streaming to video and audio websites. Common vendor sites like Amazon.com can surely use video streaming to further enhance the shopping experience of a customer. After all, a customer would like to see the merchandise before she actually makes a purchase. Video streaming provides this specific aid to both vendor and consumer. Aside from viewing videos of the product from different camera angles, a short demonstration of the product can be included in the video just like they do in TV shopping channels.
Outside of video specific and trade merchandising businesses, video and audio streaming is also useful when it comes to other industries such as medical transcription, online education, medical facilities and personnel interconnectivity, online tutorials and instructional modules recorded in video format.
Most importantly, the spread of internet video streaming usage signals an advance in technology. With advances and discoveries, opportunities for new ideas and enterprises abound.
While it is great to have new technology available to, we need to put it to good use for it to be beneficial to us. In the case of websites with video streaming, the customer is assured that the products they sell are workable and crafted with quality. As internet shopping becomes more and more popular, vendor websites will have to see to it that they provide their customers a good look at their product.
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Exploring The Law Of Attraction

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What is the Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is an ancient, timeless, universal knowledge that was most recently popularized by the movie The Secret. It can be summed up by understanding that what you think you become.”
There are actually two schools of thought on how it works. One school of thought is very mystical. It believes that if you really concentrate, visualize, and feel a blue feather then you’ll end up manifesting that blue feather in your life, almost as if by magic. Time, space, and coincidence will align to bring you that blue feather.

How To Increase The Life Time Value Of Your Customers

Posted October 24th, 2009 by No Comments »

This article is going to show you how to extract the maximum value from each of your visitors. The lifetime value of a customer is how much they spend with you over the years until they stop buying.
Most internet businesses have very bad lifetime visitor values. This is because a lot of online marketers only offer one item to their customers and then never approach them again. This is like a massage therapist never getting a repeat customer. Think about all the extra work of only selling to new people, and having to constantly rely only on new people to support the business. You don’t have to make this mistake.
The key to increasing the lifetime value of your visitors to the max is email marketing. This includes marketing to those who haven’t yet bought, and marketing to those who already bought.
You should have two email lists at the minimum. A list that has opted to receive messages from a signup box on your sales copy. And a list of people who have already bought from you.
You should have the intention of capturing as many visitors’ names as possible using an opt-in email form. This is best accomplished with a popup box that displays as soon as someone pulls up your website.
Once a person is on your list you can slowly warm them up to your and build a relationship with them. Do this by providing them with valuable, unique information about your niche, and you will become an expert in their eyes.
You can take many people who would have never bought from you and turn them into lifetime customers who spend thousands of dollars with you over the years.
You should have a back end system in place, which strongly markets your customers after they make their first purchase. Offer them not only your own products but other related affiliate products.
You can easily find dozens of products for any niche with high paying affiliate programs. Offer these products to your list and you’ll make great commissions on every sale. The combinations are limitless. However, always be sure you only offer items your list will truly appreciate.
By using a dynamic sales funnel approach such as this, you’ll squeeze every bit of profit out of your customers while providing them with real value and benefits. What a great process. Try it for yourself and watch as your online business takes off.
It must be stated that you must first find a good niche.
How do I find a profitable niche? This is the question many “would be” internet marketers are asking now a days. And the answer is simple. This article is going to explain how to find yourself a great niche that will bring in substantial money on an ongoing basis.
Choosing the right niche is possibly the most important step that you will take. If your niche is overly competitive, you’re not going to make many sales, if any. Likewise, the same holds true if your niche has no buying customers. A perfect niche will have enough people willing to spend money, while not being overly competitive.
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Everybody’s Doing It: 5 Reasons You Should Have An EBay Store

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Testing the Waters
If you’ve ever dreamed of quitting your job and going into business for yourself, you may have considered online retail. But opening your own web site is quite an undertaking — you’ll need to acquire a domain name, integrate shopping cart software, design your web pages, optimize your copy, and the list goes on. And all those services will cost you money up front, which means you’ll need to have some capital set aside. So before you tell your boss what you really think of his toupee, you may want to consider trying a somewhat simpler option first — the eBay store.
Running an eBay store is a great way to get a feel for whether or not selling online suits you. It’s a simple entry point that lets you test the waters, without committing a lot of your money or time. The cost is only $16.95 a month and the first thirty days are free — a pretty safe investment.
5 Benefits to Choosing EBay
EBay takes care of much of the busywork associated with running an E-Biz . There are numerous advantages to starting an eBay store before creating your own web site:
• EBay hosts your site, provides you with a URL, a shopping cart, and an easy-to-use tool that lets you quickly design an attractive storefront.
• EBay takes care of search engine optimization for you — making sure that you’ll be listed with the major search engines, as well as the minor engines they feed.
• When you start an eBay store, you have an immediate presence online — from Day One, you have 170 million customers.
• EBay provides an 800 number with live support.
• EBay offers workshops, at no extra cost, on how to implement the various tools they offer.
3 EBay Tools You Should Be Using
EBay even offers built in channels for growing your business. Janelle Elms (http://JanelleElms.com), successful e-business author and lead instructor for eBay University, tells, “What amazes me is how many sellers are not taking advantage of all the amazing tools that eBay gives you for that $16 each month.” She quickly lists a few of eBay’s biggest untapped resources:
• An opt-in newsletter to keep your eBay store in front of your customers. A series of clicks and pull down menus, and your newsletter is ready to go in a matter of minutes. A simple source to keep your customers coming back, but many people don’t even realize that option is available to them.
• RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication). Once you turn this button on, all your buyers have to do is click on it, and every time you put new products in your store or up for auction, they’ll get an update telling them what you’ve added. Says Elms, “An RSS Feed is basically a legal version of a pop-up ad.”
• Printable brochures of your eBay store to send out with every package to show your customers what else you offer and to remind them to shop with you again.
EBay stores are user-friendly — anyone can run one. In addition to being a great proving ground for your online retail skills, you may find it to be a very profitable enterprise in and of itself.
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An Insider’s Product Review Of Google Sniper

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Google Sniper: George Brown has been a furniture remover and part time online marketer, just like many others. He was struggling to make any money online and he knew that he had to find a better way to get all the bills paid and take care of all of life’s little expenses. He saw that the internet brought people together for any and every reason under the sun and he saw the potential for earnings with the tools the internet provides.

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Internet Marketing – Tuning Up

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Internet marketing may be a bit like directing an orchestra; there are many parts played by many instruments and when they are out of sync you know it, but when they blend it can be pure and sweet harmony.
We’ve all heard elementary school bands where one or more students play off key or squeaks. We applaud their effort and may even smile at their various faux pas.
What we can appreciate and overlook in a beginner we tend to frown on when someone should really know better.

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