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How To Improve Your Website

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There can be little doubt that most websites have considered adding video, but the reality is that in some cases people are so tired of video that they turn off the sound on their PC just in case their ears are affronted by some lout shouting his wares.
So what are the pros and cons of using video clips to enhance a website? Is it an additional opportunity to make money online? Is it a great way to increase web traffic? And will it be the ideal medium to more fully explain your home business idea?
Video when correctly used in an appropriate context can add a wealth of information that is easily and quickly absorbed by the viewer. This is particularly true when you want to explain something of a difficult or complex nature in a very short space of time.
One of the greatest things about the internet is that it has made a wealth of previously hard to obtain tools easily and cheaply available to all. This includes video editing suites.
What is not so easy to download is the ability and knowledge to be able to make a professional finished item.
If, as I have, you have watched a great many website video clips, you will begin to understand why so many website visitors are actually being turned off by video, rather than enjoying the experience.
Some home video producers seem believe that if they put on a suit, stand against a plain wall with a large potted plant in the corner, and shout out the message, you will be lulled into believing that they are an expert in their field.
There is a reason why TV and Radio companies go to great lengths to hire the best presenters rather than hire someone cheaply. If the message is polished and professional it has a great deal of impact. If it is less than polished and professional, not only does it not have enough impact, it actually detracts from the message.
I am not suggesting here that no one should produce their own videos, but I am suggesting that it is not as easy as it looks.
If you do produce your own video, before you upload it to your website, show it to some people, preferably people who will be objective rather than close family who will want to spare your feelings.
If your critics do not like your video, then your website visitors most likely won’t either.
Try to choose the right type of video for your website too. There are many more formats around now and perhaps something a little different will suite your site better.
Some website owners are now offering their visitors the choice of video or to click off the video in favour of a pop up pdf with an additional verbal explanation instead.
The point here is that although you may feel that you need to add a video to your site, make sure that you know why you want the video, what the focus of it will be and whether it will add to your website in some way or whether it may actually detract from your overall message.
If your website is a monetized site without a specific product, then some form of video theme that is regularly changed may help to entice your visitors to return to your website more frequently.
If your website has a product or products then some form of product description in the form of video may be ideal.
Just make sure that if you do add video, it is appropriate, informative, entertaining and above all professionally turned out.
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They Found A Fortune On The Internet

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It’s exciting when people burdened with debt find a solution.
Bill and Shona (real names changed for privacy) were up to their ears in financial problems when they decided on an unusual strategy. They would give each other $100 to find a solution to their situation.
Bill immediately went online and set to work. He found a gambling casino and started to invest.
Shona retreated to the kitchen, took out the pad and pencil she used for making her shopping lists and started in on some serious thinking.
First she asked herself: “How much do I need to make?”
She calculated repayments on their mortgage, loans and credit cards and then added living expenses, a bit for treats and some for savings and wrote the figure down.
Then her questions went something like this:
“How am I going to get that money?”
She answered: “By selling something?”
She thought for some time and couldn’t find a quick answser, so she wrote down a question mark and moved on.
“Who would buy anything from me?”
Again she had to think hard, but then she had a moment of inspiration: “How about, people like me? If I can find a solution to one of the problems we all share, they’ll buy it from me.”
Then she went back to her: “What am I going to sell?” question and wrote: “a way to get out of debt.”
Bill wouldn’t give up time on the computer until he’d lost all of his $100. Then he went out one night for a drink with the boys and Shone got her chance on the computer.
Using Google she found a lady who sold a book on ‘how to get out of debt’. She could earn twenty dollars commission for every book she sold.
She bought the book and read it from cover to cover. Then she set out to do everything that the book recommended. In no time at all she’d lost the feeling of helplessness which had been her constant companion and replaced it with the feeling that she was in charge of her situation. She began to feel really happy.
Now she had to start selling the book and earning her $20 commissions.
Once again she did a search on the Internet and found a free course which would teach her how to build a simple web site and attract visitors.
She enrolled for the course and immediately set to work. The way each step was explained was so clear that it made it easy to do the things she’d always feared would be difficult. In less than a week she’d built her first web site and got it ‘on air’.
Eleven days after that she received an e-mail saying: “SALE NOTIFICATION on (date) you made $19.90.” She stared at the screen in disbelief for several moments before letting out a whoop of excitement and joy.
The next day another “SALE NOTIFICATION” e-mail arrived. She shouted for Bill to come and see.
“Look, I’ve made another sale,” she exclaimed excitedly. “And, do you know what, I’ve only spent a third of my budget and I’ve got all that money back already.
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How To Have Success With A Work At Home Business

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With the internet continuing to evolve and people flourishing off of the many opportunities, more and more people are beginning to work at home. While the sky is the limit for what you can do with a work from home business, it is up to you to decide how much success you have.
Whether you are an internet guru or a newbie, there are certain things you can do to better prepare yourself for success. Part of it is self-motivation and the other part is having a plan and being prepared for what you are about to jump into. If you combine the two together, you will be on your way to building a successful work at home business.
To begin with, I will discuss the inner part to having success. When you work at home, it is a whole new experience from working in an office. All of the pressure lies on you to bring in business and have success. Because of this, you have to believe in yourself and have confidence. When you work at home, it is not a walk in the park business. There will be bumps in the road that you have to overcome. But if you believe in yourself, you will persevere through those bumps.
The best way to prepare for those bumps and fight through them is to visualize what you want to accomplish and set goals. By setting goals for your work from home business, you will be able to stay motivated much easier. Then when those obstacles arise, you can stay focused on your goals and do whatever is needed to get to them.
As for the business aspect of a work at home job, you first have to do some research. There is no sense in getting into something that does not have public appeal or personal appeal. You want to find a business or start a business that will interest the public so that you can generate traffic. At the same time, you want to get into something that interests you. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time staying motivated.
After you have done your research and know what type of work from home business you want to get into, you have to begin planning. You should be planning what you will sell, how you will market it and who you will market it to. You may want to plan when you want to accomplish certain goals as well.
The last part to getting into a work at home business is being open to change. It is vital to have a plan, but it is equally important that you are willing to change the plan as you move ahead. Things arise and times change, which makes it all the more important that you are able to change your plan and adjust to the business you are in.
The list of ways to have success with a work at home business could literally go on forever, but these are a few things that should get you started. It is important that you constantly research to stay with the times and know what direction your industry is heading. As long as you research and get started with the facets listed above, you will be in the right direction with a work from home business.
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Establish Your Home-Based Business!

Posted September 24th, 2009 by No Comments »

Why keep work for someone else and commuting to an office daily, when you can establish you very own home-based business, right in the comfort of your home? This would give you flexible hours for working, lesser expense on traveling to and from work, and no boss breathing down your neck everyday.
Imagine you are working as a sales employee for my Company,”Ellfit Enterprises”. You works up to the wee hours of the morning, so you can sell advertisement space, worth at least a million for the smallest size. When the sale goes through, you get $20 worth of commission. What you are actually doing, is enriching my Company “Ellfit Enterprises” through your efforts, but you only get your base pay, plus the $20 commission—that’s all you get for the millions of dollars you brought into my Company, “Ellfit Enterprises” coffers.

Work From Home And Be The Master Of Your Own Destiny

Posted September 23rd, 2009 by No Comments »

Lots of fill desire of being able to occupation from home town. How does solitary take off nearly it and I beg your pardon? Are several of the qualities you need to grow to be a hit? Read on to locate elsewhere several of the things you will need to make and several of the traits you need to possess if you are indomitable to occupation from home town.
Are You Self Motivated?
Those fill who need to occupation from home town need self motivation. Without a boss to answer to, you will need to step manually poignant and take the responsibilities pro even the the majority obnoxious tasks. This is a serious consideration pro individuals who need to take the plunge and occupation from home town.
Are You a Patient Person?
It may possibly take several occasion pro your selling to junction a profit. Are you solitary who is willing to plant in the rigorously occupation and time lag pro your selling to take sour? You may possibly need to live very carefully until you hold established manually while you decide to occupation from home town and this is especially valid if you hold veto other source of profits. Exist serene and occupation rigorously and all of your pains will soon compensate sour.
Being able to Adapt and exist Flexible
For individuals who are pending from a corporate natural environment, it may possibly be rigorously to lose your status and the help of others who fulfilled and aided you in many of your tasks. They may possibly hold taken attention of the more mundane part of selling which not here you gratis to take attention of the creative outcome. You need to be able to wear many hats while you occupation from home town. You will need to be flexible, ascertain further tasks and skills and be able to adapt to many poles apart situations. If you think you can accomplish this, you will be a hit while you occupation from home town.
Think nearly the Realities of Your Financial Situation When You Seek to Work from Home
There is a pecuniary veracity with the purpose of be obliged to be taken into financial credit while you decide you need to occupation from home town. Things such as retirement reimbursement, healthiness insurance and paid vacations are a article of the ancient history but for you give somebody no option but to the arrangements pro manually. If you expect your selling to start sour bit by bit, how make you arrange to give somebody no option but to your living until you are bearing in mind several return on your investment? You will hold to give somebody no option but to your own devices pro retirement too. You may possibly need to be fluent in to a pecuniary advisor some time ago you hold established manually in order to take attention of such details as well as the paramount healthiness arrange open you can afford.
If you arrange to take your relations on vacation while you occupation from home town, this will hold to be carefully deliberate as well. You will not hold your vacation occasion or sick days to rely on and will hold to save money if you expect to travel pro pleasure.
Are You Ready to Work protracted and Hard?
Getting a further selling sour the ground takes long hours and lots of rigorously occupation. If you expect to sit home town on your laurels and give somebody no option but to money, you are sadly mistaken. Working from home town will more than likely require you to occupation longer and harder than you hold facing. The brainy part to this is with the purpose of you are burden all this occupation on your own behalf and not pro the benefit of someone or something in addition.
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What Is Your Home Based Income Truly Costing You?

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None of us go to work every week expecting to owe money at the end of it. However many home based business owners do exactly that. Have you ever calculated how much your home based income cost you on a monthly basis?
Basic costs of course include marketing your home business online. These costs are usually easy to figure out because you can look at your PayPal account or credit card statement every month.
You can see exactly what you are spending to market your business online. You may also find you are not spending much and that is something you should consider changing as well.
A harder cost to keep track of is the amount of time you spend working on your business every week. You know exactly how much money you make every week working at your job and what your hourly rate is worth.
Many salaried workers earn a lower hourly rate than when they were actually hourly workers. However many people really do not know how much their home based income costs them per hour.
Once you get that attitude you will become more serious about actually earning money. There is nobody who can afford to lose money on a consistent basis and stay in business. Even if the money you are losing is calculated strictly in time spent working.
The nice thing about having this revelation is you can finally start making a lot of money from home. There are people earning six and seven figure incomes with their own home based business.
It is very exciting when you hear about some of these people as well. Many times they are nothing special in terms of education or even where they live in the world. Often times they have overcome many obstacles to earn the success they have.
Developing a home based income to the level you want will mean utilizing your time more efficiently. As a matter of fact the majority of your time should be spent promoting your home based business all over the Internet.
The best way to increase your income is to also increase your website traffic. Becoming an expert on one form of getting visitors to your website can go a long way to increasing your traffic and making more money.
Before you spend any more time working online you should sit down and calculate how much your home based income is costing you. If you are not earning money it is time to make a conscious effort to change that starting today.
Suzanne Morrison is the owner of an income opportunities website that teaches average people how to make money with affiliate programs. She also offers Plug-in Profit Site training for people looking to make money from their own website and email newsletter.

Are You A Hostage Of Your Own Psyche?

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How You Can Be Set Free for profitable home businesses!
Are You A Hostage Of Your Own Mind? How You Can Be Set Free for profitable home businesses!
Are you a prisoner? Are you trapped in a cage, limited and only given enough to keep you alive but never really allow you to LIVE? What am I talking about you ask? What I’m asking is…. Are you a hostage of your own mind?
Are you confused? Let me explain. So many people are trapped by their own mind. They don’t know the power that they yield. They don’t know that if they would just unlock the door to their brain they could accomplish just about anything! Are you a hostage of your psyche? Have you limited yourself so much that you wouldn’t be able to reach triumph even if it was right in front of you?
Believe it or not plenty of people want victory but won’t allow themselves to have it. That’s because they’ve already decided that they either aren’t worthy of it or they’ll just never get there.
If you’ve become trapped in your own brain you need to get the key and unlock yourself! You don’t have to be limited to $30,000 a year. You don’t have to be “just getting by”. You can live an amazing life filled with everything you could ever dream of.
All you need to live this amazing life is a mindset shift and a home based commerce. The home based company is going to be your vehicle to an amazing life and your determination shift is going to be your fuel. If you want to have an amazing life all you need is those two things are you’re set.
Have you even wanted to drive a certain car, live in a certain home, or make a certain amount but your mind has stopped you from believing it’s possible? If so I’m sorry to say that you are totally a hostage of your own intellect.
The only diversity between people who succeed and the people who fail is their determination. So don’t hold yourself back anymore! release yourself and start living a better life immediately. A home based firm can help you get there but it is your own determination that will really make it happen!
We are set to our financial and success “thermostat”. If we try to exceed our unconsciously set “temperature comfort zone” our fail-safe mechanism kicks in and makes us do something, that we feel to bed bad mostly. But our unconscious is sure it safed our life… Here EFT can help to reset our thermostats.
Carol Look wrote a great ebook about excactly that topic. You can find her abundance classes at www.carollook.com. She is really great.
More about that in another post.
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Making Money Using The Computer

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There is a saying that goes, “ money does not come trees.” Everybody knows that and if there is not enough, the person has to do something about it. An employee can ask for a raise, the individual can get a second job or even transfer to one that pays more.
If the employee has a family, it will be hard to just quit and hope that tomorrow there is a new company to report to. It wouldn’t hurt to look around first before leaving but since an application takes months to process, there are some ways to make a few extra bucks.
Studies show that most American homes have a computer. Instead of playing games, the person can use this to make some money by selling some items through Ebay and make some money.
Instead of coursing through another website who gets a certain percentage for every item sold or bought, those who are good with computers can even make one to get more profit. Someone skilled can put up the website or hire someone to do it then just learn how to keep it running.
Another will be to participate in online surveys. More than a hundred companies need the opinion of the consumer before launching a product into the market. The person will not become a millionaire doing this but at least there is additional money for other expenses.
Blogging is another great way to make money. The individual is able to express one’s opinion regarding certain issues and if there is a lot of traffic, people will want to advertise in the blog site. A portion of the revenue will be used to maintain and upgrade the site while the rest can be used for other things.
Those who love to get paid can also get money by writing about certain topics. There are companies who need talented professionals to do some research and get paid for each assignment. The more the person does, the more money is made.
Networking is another great idea. The entrepreneur may sell a few items at first but when there are people who are already under one’s umbrella, it is time to kick back and relax because money will come in the form of sales commissions.
Another way to make money is to offer computer repair services to friends and neighbors. The customer will be able to save money by hiring someone that the person knows instead of the word of someone from the shop.
There was a time that an individual who wanted to invest in stocks or in foreign exchange had to deal with a broker. Since it is hard to call the specialist, those who want to play in the money market can still do it by creating an account online for faster results.
The person should just be updated on the current market trends to make good decisions especially when is the best time to buy and sell.
The amount of money made by using the computer is enormous. The person may have to shell out a little cash to upgrade the system or become a member of certain sites but it is worth every penny when the money starts coming in. This sideline can payoff by learning the different strategies that are proven to make it work.
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Creating A Professional Home Based Business

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A professional home based business is one that provides excellent customer service, quality products and services, and is easy to find online. Through a carefully executed marketing campaign, you will be able to find groups that have a need for your services. In order to become a professional home based business, you need to create a website that is easy to navigate, offers plenty of information, and one that can be found online. You should plan to update your website each month offering new products and services, adding interesting articles related to your business, or changing the look of the website in order to attract more people.
Once you’ve proven yourself to those who purchase items from your website, you will build a reputation and others will want to try your products as well. Work-of-mouth advertising is still very important when running a successful business. This is why providing quality customer service is important. Be prepared to answer email questions and complaints each day so people are not kept waiting for answers. You should notify customers on your mailing list of new products and services at least twice a year. If possible, create a monthly or bi-monthly newsletter that includes information your customers want to know. This can include industry news, recent product changes, and other information.
Investing in the right software for your home office is another way to build a professional home based business. Depending on what you plan on selling, you may need to track orders after shipping them, collect email addresses and other information from clients, and maintain accurate financial records. Most software can be purchased in computer stores or online. Make sure you have enough memory on your computer before installing multiple programs. Computer file maintenance should be done monthly in order to retain valuable information and maintain accurate records at all times.
Once you’ve created a home office, you can begin focusing on building a business. If you are still unsure about which online business venture to pursue, you should conduct research, read books and other materials, and consider your own skills and passions as they may lead to business ideas. Creating a list of possible business ideas will help you decide which ones will be the easiest to market. Depending on the products and services you wish to sell, there may only be select groups willing to purchase them. This could limit the amount you earn.
A successful home business is one that is carefully researched before becoming a reality. If you don’t take the time to research and find markets for your products, then you may be disappointed with the results. Choose a product that appeals to different groups and your profits will increase. Many people run successful home based businesses from their homes and enjoy the freedom working from home can bring. If you are looking for a way to spend more time with your family, pursuing other goals, or you want to be your own boss, then starting a home based business may be for you.
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Considering An Internet Marketing Blog?

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Blogs have become a favorite part of the Internet community. They have been used to help deliver opinions to people about current international and local news events, to help people let off steam on any subject they choose, or just as a plain online diary about personal experiences, events and observations.
Online sites like LiveJournal and most notably Myspace have encouraged people to develop blogs of their own, thus making them even more popular than before.

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