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Making Money - How Idiots Like Me Make Money Online

Posted June 30th, 2009 by iearn-money Admin No Comments »

These days you don’t need to be a genius to make money online. All you need is a computer, a broadband connection, a hosting company and bit of get up and go. And those that say that the web is swamped with people trying make money online are talking pure and utter hogwash.

Forced Money and Forced Money Reviews — Scam and Double Scam

Posted June 24th, 2009 by iearn-money Admin No Comments »

Okay, this is not like all the Google ads and articles that claim to be a “review of Forced Money.”  I don’t even claim this is a review of .  But I think both the product AND the reviews of it are BIG, FAT SCAMS.
Basically several thousand people, including myself, got an email that said here use this article which is supposedly a review of Forced Money and insert your Clickbank affiliate link and make $45.73 on the front-end and $66.55 on the back-end and it will convert like crazy.
But what the hell is the Forced Money product?
Here is what it claims to give you:

o An amazing website!
o A website that converts sales automatically!
o A website that puts “forced” money directly into your pocket!
o A website that’s run by another firm for you (at NO charge!)
o A website that continues to promote for you over & over!
o A website that grows & cultivates a proven list!
o A website that functions automatically (so you never run it!)
o And a website that you get Free H0STING for!
Gosh, why don’t they throw in a fictional maid to clean my house.  I mean if they have an infinite ability to create websites that ‘force’ money out of the internet, then why don’t they just amass the largest accumulation of wealth ever.  If I’m doing nothing, then they don’t need me to create website after website, and I’m adding nothing.  So I’m getting hordes of money for doing nothing.  Duh….  am I the only one who smells something fishy.
You know what this is — it’s a giant chain letter, whereby the person starting the letter gets others to send them money, hoping that still other people will send them money.  The only specific service or product that is mentionned is that this “AMAZING website” will promote a product called Get Google Ads Free.  Forced Money explains this is a great product for all internet marketers and converts like crazy.
Get Google Ads Free is by the same guy who created and sells and profits from Forced Money.  He is getting people to PAY him to set up a website for them that promotes HIS PRODUCT!!!    Yes, if the website sells his product, you’ll make money.  But again, if he could just keep creating more and more websites and sell more and more himself, he would because he’d keep a bigger piece of the pie.  Maybe he figures if there are articles written all over the internet in various people’s names or all the buyers contact their friends and family that it will increase sales.  But at some point the market is saturated, especially if the product doesn’t deliver as promised and I find it extremely hard to believe that either product delivers anything like what it describes.
If anyone has actually bought either of these products and used them and thinks I’m wrong.  PLEASE let me know.  I’d LOVE to discover a product that fills my pockets with money, whether it comes with maid service or not!

Wow — THAT’S Customer Service!! - Expert Wordpress Guys

Posted June 18th, 2009 by iearn-money Admin No Comments »

I purchased Expert Wordpress because I have two blogs that I want to create and I want to build them with RSS and now some friends are advising ‘go with Wordpress’ who before were saying Blogger was just as good for SEO (drives me crazy how many times they change their advice).  BUT the one blog I wanted to add to an existing website and I am 99% sure that only Wordpress really handles that quickly.  But Wordpress is a pain in the …. right?
It was until Expert Wordpress. I went ahead and bought this because I am just swamped in my day job and the only way I have a chance of getting a Wordpress blog created is if I can do it in about 15 minutes — which is all this takes.
But  now, before I’ve even gotten a chance to use the product, the co-creators sent me a note asking advice for how to make it better.  Now That’s Customer Service.  And this isn’t just a glib, hope you like it sort of note, it’s a thoughtful, please answer specific questions.  See below….

Hot Searches - Niche Markets

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Say if you are ever looking for ideas about things people search for on the internet, consider going to http://hotsearches.aol.com/ – and reading some of their HOT Searches.  I tend to have the opposite problem — lots of ideas and not enough focus.  But if you are actually looking for a project on the internet — or perhaps trying to decide between projects — I find the Hot Searches web site for AOL to be full of a lot of interesting ideas that you might not have thought of otherwise.