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Avoid Free Trial Scams

Posted May 14th, 2009 by iearn-money Admin No Comments »

I've been reading about people losing a lot of money because they signed up for free trials of Acai Berry.  They called to cancel their 'subscription', since the free trial automatically signed you up for a subscription (a fairly hefty fee for your monthly supply of Acai Berry).  So people signed up for these free trials figuring what did they have to lose?  In some cases they didn't even have to pay shipping on the initial free offer. 

Legit AND Heartwarming

Posted May 10th, 2009 by iearn-money Admin No Comments »

So I periodically read and post on the Warrior’s Forum.  At some point about a week or so ago, there was a post complaining about people who come to the forum and talk about their misfortunes.  I noticed a woman, login Tinkerbell responded that she felt the post was targeting her.  So I went and looked at HER most recent post.  While she talked about her current circumstances, of being 20 days away from foreclosure and eviction, she did not do so as a sob story and asking for assistance.

A Better Approach for Making Money Online

Posted May 2nd, 2009 by iearn-money Admin No Comments »

So as I've indicated in previous posts, I am a former Stompernet Simple member.  I also had joined another online-marketers membership that was to offer insider advice and lots of free information about making money online.  While it was a nice group and relatively cheap, I found I was not making any more money and I was spending a lot of time reading all the various offers, posting on the forums, reading How To ebooks and just generally changing direction much-too frequently.