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Download Site For Free Backlink

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Another way to get free backlink using software submitter. This method are very simple on how to get free backlink from download site by adding your software to their website. I will give you information how to get easily generate free backlink from download website.

First, Create article or ebook and convert it to executable files. You need free software turn your ebook or article to EXE files. Download this free software WebSiteZip Packer and start making your exe files. With this software,  you can turn an HTML page into a solid executable file (.exe) .

Link Building Tips

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Every blog need backlink to increase their page rank and boost you blog visibility. For new blog, backlink are the important one. Backlink not only get your blog indexed fast but it increases your page rank and traffic. There are many way to gain backlink for your blog, all of them are depend on experience and method that’s fit you. I have few tips that work for me every time when I want to maximize my backlink. This short list I created maybe can help you to build your own backlink.


Submit your blog to blog directories.

Easy Tips How to Improve Your PageRank

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Knowing What PageRank Is?

Everybody wants higher PageRank for their blog. Higher PageRank will be count as more important page and will be listed above a page with a lower PageRank.

Where Can I Check My PageRank?

The easy way to check your PageRank is with Google toolbar. The green bar will show your PageRank value. Just simply open your blog URL and watch on Google toolbar at green bar. You can also check your PageRank on website that has free page rank check. Just add your URL on the input box and they will show your PageRank result from different Google data center.