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PepperJam Affiliate Revolution - $7 per lead !!

Posted July 15th, 2008 by iearn-money Admin 14 Comments »

Hello dear Iearn-Money visitors,
I got with me today a big revolution of affiliate marketing, PepperJamNetwork!
I gave it a try since a long time ago, signed up as a publisher aka affiliate, I got paid already for doing products marketing & referring new publishers.

On Pepperjam Network, an affiliate marketing publisher (also commonly referred to as an “affiliate”) is typically a website owner that works with select merchant advertisers on an agreed upon pay-for-performance basis. Publishers only get paid, and advertisers only pay, when the publisher initiates a transaction. For instance, if publisher.com refers a $65 sale through her Web site to advertiser.net, publisher.com gets paid either a flat payout or a percentage of the overall sale.